excerpt from



The start of world ruin    

By Dr. Rocco Comperchio           

copyright 2016

        Gunfire rang out; bodies flying, as glass and tables are breaking

        The countdown began …

Chapter 20   Happier Days Were There 

               Economic depression, soaring gold prices, Black Monday, Keynesian government spending, and greed meant nothing to a young boy growing up in a Midwest resort.  Years later, his life would be in jeopardy due to how he lived, what he learned, and maybe what he did or didn’t do.  He was not raised in a wealthy family.  He was born into lower middle class Italian Immigrants.  They taught him humility and how to think and be responsible for his own future. 

            1947 thru 2012 was the rise, boom, decline, and collapse of capitalism.  We had free markets and the American way of life.  Vito Dragone and his family legally emigrated from Tricarico Italy to northern Michigan for a better life.  Did he help reach their dream or create a nightmare?


            The end of WWII brought peace, growth, and prosperity in manufacturing, finance, housing, mortgage lending, education, organized immigration, energy, health care, and good government.  The war destroyed manufacturing in Germany, France, England, and Japan yet it left United States industry intact and ready to quickly expand.  By the mid-sixties we had exposed a variety of forms of greed from power and politics to money.  There were bigger governments, bigger corporations, bigger unions, and bigger media.  Manipulation was everywhere and we had more lobbyists more PAC’s.  Unknowingly we sowed the seeds for the beginning of the end.  The Viet Nam War killed over 50,000 Americans and destroyed or warped a generation’s faith in government.  Socialism slowly crept like a baby into the United States with massive increases in entitlements to buy votes.  These were sold under falsehoods on our need to help the poor while at the same time creating more needy people.  Then, finally the collapse of personal responsibility began.  The BABY BOOMERS were twice in numbers of their parent’s generation.  They felt they had a right to everything based on human rights.  They also seemed to corner the markets on ignorance and greed!  By 2007 the perfect storm began to engulf western societies so that in just a few years the noose was fully tightened.

            As the meltdown began; 19% unemployment rate of all those over age twenty one, gas prices $13 per U.S. gallon, the U.N. plans to move to Dubai, WSM, the largest stock market in the world was already based in Dubai after the NYSE filed bankruptcy, many former political leaders at many levels were under arrest or on the run, over 62% of all newer mortgages were in default or had been foreclosed on, over 65% of GNP was going to government paid education and WECARE the universal health care for those under the poverty level.  CHINOCO, the Chinese consortium that bailed out the US in 2011, had seized all timberland owned by the US Government based on a secret 2008 loan agreement. Then with the “Bail Out” completed to save us there was government control of all banking and brokerages now being run by the “Sons of the Founding Fathers”.

              Illegal immigrants of all ages now in the States of California, Arizona, and Texas outnumber registered voters in each state as less people register yet fewer cared about elections.  Texas creates its own army to physically remove illegals while daring DC to force its will on them to stop the practice.  Washington has approved “guest immigrants”, they only need to sign a pledge of loyalty to be made citizens while minors arrive without parents and are let in by the bus load from all over South America.  These were later found to be teenage gangs being moved in thru drug lords and terrorist groups aligned to them.  The Michigan Militia numbered 377,000 men, Idaho Constitutional Militia, with state approval, had 15,000 volunteers guarding their borders 24 hours a day to discourage anyone moving in permanently and moving vans were not allowed to come into the state.  The beginning of the meltdown saw explosions in Houston with CNN reporting the $10 billion Saudi owned Motiva Refinery was engulfed in fire with at least 90 deaths.  Calls are made by the “Sons of the Founding Fathers” Homeland Security, and NSA notifying them of a highly unusual winter meeting on a small island in northern Michigan.  Their actual presence was urged or to attend thru secure CCTV.  There will be one topic; immediate government financial support and temporary takeover of all critical industries for “national security to save and protect the public.”  The final stage for the destruction and annexation of the free American economy had been set.  The financial rollover was about to begin.

            Where did Vito Dragone fit in this scenario?  In the end we may not know if he helped or not.  Did he speed up the end or hold it off longer?  History will sort it out.  It seems few really knew who Vito was.  This was what we saw, and this is what he did.

            His goals written for high school English teacher Sister Aimee never included being a consultant to government and business leaders.  Nor did he see his part in the largest financial meltdown in history.  He would have never traveled worldwide and counselled powerful men on their private jets, or kept a part of his life hidden from his family and non-business friends for over thirty years.  The small town whispers tongue in cheek as jokes would be that “Vito joined the Mafia after high school”.  “Joined” again may the wrong word and is probably the wrong group.  He may have led a double-life that never included specialized training in the military nor CIA.

               We know that Vito had a basic view of money.  Uncle Luigi would say “you gotta cigar box and so mucha of you money goes inna anda so mucha can come out.”  Don’t spend more than you earn and buy low, sell high.  Vito lived by those words.